An Apprenticeship opens doors -
Make it your Plan A

Apprenticeships available

Are you:

  • A high achiever?
  • A Grade A*-C Student (GCSE or 'A' Level)?
  • Looking for a career rather than a job?
  • Prepared for a challenge?

Do you have to end up with colossal student loan debt to get the career of your dreams? Is University your only option?

Apprenticeships have evolved into acclaimed training programmes which deliver results for you and your employer. You could find yourself travelling the world, working for one of the country's most prestigious companies. Climbing the career ladder step by step until you reach the dizzy heights of the top rung! Joining the likes of Ross Brawn (of Formula 1 fame), John Frieda and Jamie Oliver who all started their careers as apprentices.

Apprenticeships available
Formula 1 Formula 1 Formula 1

Are you a high achiever who wants to qualify while you work and get paid?

ATG Training works with some of the region's most high profile employers, creating career paths with companies working in everything from engineering (in fields including aerospace, defence and motorsport) to retail and management. As a full time employee, your higher apprenticeship can take you to degree-level qualifications and beyond. We're looking for dynamic young people looking for a paid alternative to university.

Careers include Engineering through to retail management